I Have Bed Bugs!

You move into a new apartment. You love the place: the view offers an amazing perspective of your area; the neighbours are the typically cool young-yet-professional people who know people and go on tour and are hardly ever home; the rent is affordable even though your building is located in the middle of a bustling city like NY or Vancouver, and you are living the life you’ve always dreamed.

Until you scratch yourself awake one morning or notice some little dried droplets of blood on your sheets and tiny markings on your legs and arms which were left exposed by your practical summer nightwear (I know your type). Totally sexy, right? Not your pajamas — I’m talking about the weird little blood droplets or the markings on your body. Not cool.

So, where do you turn for help? Do you even know how to check for bed bugs? How do you know if you have the infestation that dare not speak its name? Are you too embarrassed to tell your landlord or call the exterminator lest your neighbours find out and make unfair judgments about your lifestyle? I would be, too. Just kidding. I’m sorry I made fun while you’re feeling vulnerable.

Bed bugs are in da haus.

First of all, relax. I’m here to show you how to prevent bed bugs from making a home of your bed in the first place. If you’re here because you’re at the point where you’ve noticed some symptoms of bed bugs in your apartment or home, I have solutions for you, too.