Bed Bug Traps

Here’s a review of these passive insect traps from an actual user of these traps:

Good for roaches, but not really a useful tool in getting rid of bedbugs. It didn’t help one way or another. It is a PASSIVE trap – not an ACTIVE trap.

bed bug traps

You can make an ACTIVE trap cheaper than it costs to buy these traps.  Here’s what we did to get rid of our bedbugs…

1. Strip bed and wash sheets/blanket/bedspread

2. Cover the mattress and box spring with these Blockade covers

3. Wash entire bed-frame (we steamed the bed-frame and then drenched it with isopropyl alcohol)

4. Set the bed away from the wall a few inches so that it is an island

5. Sprinkle a generous layer of diatomaceous earth around all legs of bed and setup the passive bed bug traps for bed legs (and around all corners of room, in nooks and crevices).  That gets the parasites off the bed temporarily.

6. Set HOME MADE dry-ice bedbug traps on both sides of the bed, and in the closet. We kept these traps going for about a month. After 15 days, we topped seeing any bedbugs in the traps. I used a version of the trap similar to this:

7. It’s been THREE MONTHS and NO BEDBUGS!”