Getting Rid of Bed Bugs is Big Business

Getting rid of bed bugs is the last thing to which most people want to devote their lives, but a brave few are capitalizing on the epidemic brought from the tropics to the US. Excerpt from the Globe and Mail, “Bedbugs beware: Startups bet on mother nature”:

“Pesticide use is on the wane, driven by concern about toxic substances and potential insect resistance. And the pesticides that remain aren’t necessarily working. They don’t kill bedbug eggs, so once they hatch, exterminators need to return. And now, bedbug populations are showing a strong immunity to the class of pesticides most commonly in use.
“Mr. Manhas, a former member of the B.C. legislature with a degree in biology and a minor in biotechnology, decided he had something to prove: Natural alternatives could stamp out bedbugs. He hadn’t planned on developing a research project or founding a company. He just wanted to win the argument, he says.” [read more]