Pictures of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Photos

Looking for full-on bed bugs photos? I’m not judging. I’m happy, actually, ’cause I’ve got a slew of bed bugs photos waiting to please your eye. Find out if that bite on your child’s leg is in fact a bed bug’s doing. See what the bugs look like magnified a bazillion (exaggeration) times. Be a bed bug voyeur.

Behold, the glorious bed bug in all its heinous infamy. Here we have bed bugs photos and images of bed bug bites from real, actual, life. Exciting. It’s like watching Jaws, except, realistic. I don’t think that’s comforting.

I’m thinking of making this its own page, and having offshoot links to posts of more bed bugs photos, related to specific areas of interest: on certain areas of the body; bed bugs bites; bed bug symptoms; bed bugs rashes; stuff like that. That’s what you want to see, amiright?!

Close-up of a bed bug. The result of a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs hanging out for a hand-out feeding.Ew. Some babies just aren’t cute. Showing off the bed bug bites for tinder.